10 Tips To Save Money At Florida Theme Parks

10 Tips To Save Money At Florida Theme Parks

10 Tips To Save Money At Florida Theme Parks
10 Tips To Save Money At Florida Theme Parks

Planning a vacation to Florida and wondering how to save money at Florida theme parks? Here’s how:

1. For the theme parks, buying a 1-day ticket is always the worst deal. Try a multi-day pass to save money, but be sure to read the rules and know how quickly you must use the tickets.

2. Buy one bottle of water when you arrive, and refill at water fountains throughout the day. This will save you a bundle as bottles of water or soda can run $3.00 or more each.

3. Plan your trip during the off season and you will save money on such things as airfare and hotel rates. No discount on tickets for the off season unfortunately! This tip is mentionned in this site by my friend

4. Don’t eat dinner at the theme parks but instead try one of the all-you-can-eat buffets located on nearby International Drive or in Kissimmee.

5. Check the lobby of hotels and restaurants (like Perkins or Denny’s) for magazines with discount coupons. These publications can really save you a ton.

6. Here’s a tip on how to travel cheap with young kids at the theme parks. Bring along a backpack filled with snacks and juice boxes to keep them happy during the day.

7. If you are at Disney and want to try out one of the stupendously good restaurants at Epcot, you can save a substantial amount by eating lunch there instead of dinner.

8. Kids begging for souvenirs? Tell them beforehand what their limit is and they’ll do a much better job sticking to it and picking out their purchases much more carefully.

9. Don’t forget to use your AAA card for any discounts that may be available for tickets or restaurants.

10. How to travel cheap on your birthday? At Medieval Times you can get a free dinner during the month of your birthday so be sure to let them know. I personally recommend this dinner and show as it is absolutely great AND the food is terrific. Don’t miss it.