Canada’s Yukon Territory Fishing Guide

Have You Ever Fished the Yukon? Isn’t it About Time!

fishingIf fishing flows in your vein’s as it does in mine, you owe it to yourself to check out all the top fishing destinations hidden away in Canada’s scenic Yukon Territory. Here you still can find yourself fishing a roadside lake alone. There are so few anglers and so many lakes, rivers and streams that it is a chore to find someone to share your trophy with. But this is why your reading this, isn’t it. Finding a peaceful camping spot, a lake to call your own, and fish so big and plentiful your tired out by lunch. Sounds like every fisherman’s dream come true. It was mine until the day, some 20 years ago that I first ventured into the Yukon Territory. From that day on, my fishing memories usually drift back there. Today is December 04, 2003 and It really helps me to know that the days will soon be getting longer and spring will soon be arriving. Now is the time that I sharpen my hooks, polish those spoons and prepare for the next quest for wild Yukon trout.

Though I can not tell you exactly where I will be, if you chance to venture up this way, you may see my camp along the shore of some enchanting lake or my canoe slipping through the quiet waters in pursuit of another lunker lake trout.

Possibly the best Grayling fishing on earth.

If you canoe this river, watch out for the waterfalls

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