Our Future Plans

The Schultz family has firmed up our short-term travel plans.  We are going to home base out of Melbourne, Florida and continue to take several long trips each year, as we did in 2001 and 2002.  Hopefully by sometime in 2002, we will secure an RV and will begin reviewing campgrounds as well as hotel accommodations.

Scheduled Trips: 


Fall 2002- 2nd Annual Maine Trip


Spring 2003 Florida to Alaska and Back

While traveling the country, Family Travel Reviews will continue to bring informative and entertaining information to other traveling families.  

Billy and Dani will homeschool Isabelle and Lillian full time.  What better classroom could a child ask for than the entire country?

We’re often asked many questions about our plans.  The questions and my responses follow:

 Q: “How long can you do it?” A: As long as the financing holds out and we are all enjoying ourselves.  We figure Izzy will probably want a home base area when she reaches high-school age.  Or maybe she won’t….

Q: “Won’t you get bored?”  A:  We have always loved to travel and are overwhelmed by the positive response we get from the places we visit.  It amazes us just how many places there are to visit in this great country of ours.  I think that anyone who would get “bored” visiting new places all of the time must not have the adventuresome spirit Billy, the girls and I share.

Q:  “How long will you stay at each location?”  A:  We hope to combine our travels with stays at RV parks as well as hotels.  The average time we will spend in an area will vary with how much there is to do, how much we love the area, and how much “down time” we need relaxing and doing nothing.  I am guestimating that we will spend about a week on location.

Have other questions?  Email us and we will answer your questions and add them to this site!